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Easy does it, small steps towards grid independence

By [email protected] | December 2, 2020

With a limited supply of electricity, a situation that still affects us all, it is important for us to work together, to manage our consumption and to use
only what we really need.

So when and how is the best time to use your electricity?

We have provided some tips and guidelines on how to be energy smart. By practicing these tips and adopting this behaviour regularly it will help to use only what you need as well as reduce your electricity bill in the
long term.

When you decide to go solar, you have to also make some adjustments to your electricity consumption lifestyle. Some of the things you can do can have best effect on the lifespan of your solar equipment into the future.

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Some Saving tips.

Switch off during evening peak
Did you know that your geyser contributes up
to 30% of your monthly energy usage? Switch it off during peak
times, between 5pm to 9pm to help reduce electricity demand.

You can also use a timer to control the geyser’s heating cycles. Even a solar geyser can backup to electricity, and a timer can then control its consumption on days that are overcast or days with persistent rain. 

Shower instead of bathing
When you shower you use considerably less water than bathing and, if you use a water-efficient showerhead in your shower, you are doubling your efforts to save on hot water, which means less work for
your geyser. 

Led Lighting

Replacing all your incandescent bulbs with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) will contribute greatly towards reducing your electricity consumption and in the long term your bill. Additionally, switch off the lights if you’re not
occupying a room. Consider using motion sensors to detect movement in home spaces, which then auto switch off when rooms are unoccupied. 

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