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Introducing Rent to Own

By [email protected] | March 22, 2021

We know that times are hard, and the economy is a bit of a mess. But we are optimistic that times will change, and we need to be as productive as we can be in all that we do to power up the economy back to record levels that are now a distant memory.

And so load-shedding doesn’t help any of us to work towards achieving that. So we thought of a way to be able to extend a solution that can get you working, if its only to have the lights on, the WiFi router running for you to connect to your workplace/office while to work from home. And so we are now introducing a rent to own solution. 

We are offering a rent to own solution so that you can get solar into your home. You benefit from limited initial capital outlay. The system that we install is easily upgradeable and you have the option to pay in full at any time. You will receive training on how to make optimal use of your system. There is very little to no maintenance required and we will always be on call for fast repair if needed. And most of all, we deliver and install for free! (GAUTENG ONLY FOR NOW).

You a pay a deposit, we install, and you pay a monthly rental up to 24 months. And you wont have load-shedding problems.

Rent To Own by Kane Solutions gets you a quick installation of solar electricity, and you start saving today on electricity costs immediately thereafter.

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