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200ah Allgrand 12v Solar Gel Battery

R6,325.00 incl. VAT

Champion Gel Battery. 12Volts. 200ah. T11 terminal type. 12 months warranty.

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Hubble Lithium AM-10, 10kWh 51.2V Battery

R75,837.42 incl. VAT

Hubble Lithium's AM-10 model is a low voltage (51V), 10kWh battery made up of superior prismatic lithium-ion cells. These battery cells have more energy density and a longer cycle life compared to standard lithium cells.

Product Features

  • Capable of paralleling up to 8 x units in a single string giving a total storage capacity of 80kWh.
  • 0.75C battery capable of providing a continuous charge/discharge power of 7.2kW.
  • Versatile compatibility with leading inverter brands such as Victron, Kodak and Sunsynk.
  • 10-year warranty, and 15-year design life for the battery cells.
  • Installation flexibility – the battery can either be wall-mounted or rack-mounted.
  • Remote monitoring via the optional Hubble Cloudlink device.
  • Heavy-duty side handles for easy handling and mounting on the wall.

Compatible Inverter Brands:

  • Kodak 48V Off-Grid Inverters
  • Sunsynk 48V Inverters
  • Victron 48V Inverters
Please ensure that the battery bank's power and storage capacity is sufficient for the inverter and installation requirements.
This product must be installed by a qualified electrician/technician. All installations must adhere to local wiring regulations and standards. Kane Solutions will not be held liable for any product malfunctions as a  result of incorrectly installed systems.
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200L Solar Geyser Conversion (with 4x 335w solar panels)

R29,196.86 incl. VAT

This kit replaces the existing element within your standard geyser. The new element is capable of using both DC power (From solar panels) and AC Power from your mains electricity feed. This way the water will be heated by the sun during the day and mains at night if necessary.

Model ACDC-200L
Solar Panels 4 x 330W
Geyser Size 200L Geyser
Can be added to as part of a solar PV installation. Cost includes installation of the geyser conversion kit (and PV installation) within the Gauteng region. The warranty is 12 Months. It is a limited warranty. Travel to site is not included in the warranty. The goods need to be returned to us or a call out will be charged.

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Hubble (5.5kW) 51.2v Lithium Ion Battery (AM-2)

R30,476.50 incl. VAT

This is a new Lithium battery on the market.

  • Advanced BMS with current limiting function
  • CAN Bus, fully integrates and communicates with leading Inverter brands
  • Excellent high temperature performance
  • High Cycle Life and Service Life
  • RIOT integration ready for cloud monitoring
  • 1C High Performance Lithium battery
  • High Energy Density and conversion efficiency
  • Complete with integrated Battery Management System
  • Compatible with most Inverters and chargers
  • Low self discharge
  • Easy wall mount or shelf rack installation
  • Heavy duty side handles for easy handling and mounting on the wall
  • Built in protection for over-charge, over-discharge & over-temperature

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3kW / 3Kva Mecer Inverter - 24V

R14,487.00 incl. VAT

Parallel up to 6 inverters to get the desired output. These inverters can be used in single phase or 3 phase application. Have a look at the manual to look at the various configuration options available on this inverter.


AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) 230VAC ± 5%
Surge Power 6000VA
Efficiency (Peak) 90%
Transf er Time 10 ms / 20 ms
Waveform Pure sine wave
Battery Voltage 24 VDC
Maximum PV Array Power 1500W

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