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We are a solutions aggregator. We are trying to solve for the wicked problems that face African society. We find other problem solvers, and we curate products that solve a wicked problem.

There is a lot of sunshine in Africa. We dont understand why there should not be affordable electricity for the people of the continent when sunshine is just so freely available throughout the year. And there is technology now that arrives to solve that very problem. Our mission, through our kanesolutions.co.za and GetYourSolar.Online platforms, is to solve the electricity problem and get solar generation capacity into as many homes as possible, across the continent, and to reduce power outages and the burden of loadshedding so that people can be as productive as they need to be.



We have seen the impact of Covid-19 on our economies and on our livelihoods. Africa needs better healthcare infrastructure and affordable access to doctors and medical professionals. We assist healthcare providers with equipment, disposables and any of the necessary tools to bring healthcare services closer to the people that need them, across the continent.

Health & Safety.

A new paradigm has arrived, we are all now more conscious of our social and household habits in relation to personal safety and protection. More and more, as our consciousness grows, we will and are demanding solutions that keep us safer from contracting bacterial and virulent substances that may linger in the air or transmitted across surfaces. We aim to source and find the best and the most affordable products and equipment to keep people, across the continent, safer and more hygienically inclined.

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