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Be safe, but I swear by residential solar

By [email protected] | September 21, 2022

Twitter Thread by Lungile Mashele.

I know tensions are high but before you spend hundreds of thousands on subpar solar equipment please do the following:

1. Make sure your installer is accredited, they should be on the @SAPVIA website or registered with the municipality.

2. Check the top tier suppliers for solar panels, inverters and batteries – Google search Most of the top 10 are available in SA – they are more costly but it’s worth it.

3. Faulty installations can lead to your home burning down and because most people never alert insurance to this addition, they won’t pay out

4. Your installation should have a safety switch

I use this website to check out prices and to get quotes

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* You can build your system in a modular fashion so you don’t have to have a massive initial capital outlay* not an endorsement

See solar panel prices below – this should give you indicative prices if you choose to install a PV system.

Caution: PV systems are not the be-all and end-all!

1. You need to manage daytime demand

2. Installers will tell you Li-ion batteries last for 20 years BUT because RSA has load-shedding daily you run your battery down frequently Your battery should be at 60% max discharge.

At 5000 cycles 4 load-shedding incidents a day, 100% depleted battery 200 days of load-shedding 20 years will become 6 years

Not the installer or manufacturer’s fault – it’s unique to South Africa, UPS uses a similar principle.

Be safe but I swear by residential solar.

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