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Choosing the right solar inverter size for your solar power system

By [email protected] | December 7, 2020

Solar inverters convert the low voltage DC electricity created by your solar panels to the typical 220 volts AC electricity used by household appliances in South Africa. Sizing a solar inverter is an important part of any solar installation, big or small. Since your solar energy system is going to be producing and sending DC electricity

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What is a solar hybrid inverter?

By [email protected] | December 3, 2020

As the name suggests the solar hybrid inverter is a hybrid between the traditional on-grid inverter and off-gird inverters. During normal operation the hybrid inverter synchronizes with your mains utility power and supplements your power usage using the solar power during the day. In addition to this cost saving during daylight hours, batteries are used

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Easy does it, small steps towards grid independence

By [email protected] | December 2, 2020

With a limited supply of electricity, a situation that still affects us all, it is important for us to work together, to manage our consumption and to useonly what we really need. So when and how is the best time to use your electricity? We have provided some tips and guidelines on how to be

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Go slow, and travel far off the grid..

By [email protected] | November 25, 2020

In May of this year, draft amendments to the Electricity Regulations Act on New Generation Capacity were published proposing a conducive regulatory framework to allow municipalities to reduce their reliance on the Eskom grid as being the only source of electricity supply.  With bouts of load-shedding and South Africa being unable to keep up with

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Which battery must I choose?

By [email protected] | November 19, 2020 allows you to work out what your demands for electricity will cost you for you to reduce your reliance on Eskom/Municipal electricity supply. We tried to make it as simple a process as possible to allow you to choose preferences that suit your household and lifestyle, but with cost consideration also in mind. Because it does

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What it takes to go off the grid

By [email protected] | November 19, 2020

Solar and home batteries have come a long way. They’re more affordable and accessible than ever before – meaning the number of South African homes generating their own energy is on the rise. But, is going completely ‘off-grid’ a reality? A lot of new residential housing developments are now designed to reduce the energy footprint for

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